The Archistoire Experience

An interactive and immersive discovery app revealing citiesinside stories to visitors

Unravelling the cities’ inside stories

Each city has its secrets, each site holds unique memories! Rewind in time, enter inaccessible venues virtually… a walk through the city becomes a unique and memorable journey with Archistoire!

Augmented panoramas on your smartphone

Forget paper guides and old-fashioned leaflets! With nothing more than a smartphone,  interactively explore the surroundings at 360-degrees, according to you personal interests and at your own pace.

An outstanding on-site experience

we produce high-quality, exclusive content for a venue and deliver it in a unique on-site experience at the crossroads of augmented and virtual reality, picking the best from both

Our vision

Uncover the hidden stories of known and (yet) unknown places, to make of any location a memorable destination for smart travellers

With urban tourism making up more than 50% of world tourism, developing this market using new digital products is a major opportunity for boosting local economies.

Visitors are seeking new ways of travelling and urban tourism is soaring worldwide. Tour operators are adapting to this shift of mindsets as urban tourism is deeply impacting the offer of smart-cities. The sector of smart-cities represented 575 billion $ in 2014 and aims for a nearly 20% increase by 2019, to reach 1,240 billion $. City visitors, composed both of local residents and tourists, represent nearly 50% of the international tourism market. These trends pave the way for a new type of urban cultural visits, in which technology deeply transforms the sector’s traditional solutions.


  • Localization

    Head over to significant locations in your city. On-site, your smartphone will automatically inform you of points of interest in your nearby surroundings.

  • Points of interest

    The most beautiful, interesting, unusual points of view are selected with care to tell the story of buildings and locations.

  • Interactive Panoramas

    Hold up your smartphone to discover the 360° interactive hotspots hidden in your surroundings and get access to authentic stories and exclusive information.

  • A time-window on the past and the future

    Through an intuitive user experience, find the image overlays that will reveal the state of a location from the past, but also as planned for the future.

  • Virtual browsing

    Virtually enter remote and inaccessible locations for more 360° exploration.

  • Archidex

    Unlock exclusive contents for more intriguing information on the history, architecture or interesting events that took place in the selected locations… to go through them whenever you feel like it !

What our lucky beta-testers say about the app

  • Since this is an all-in-one app, the content is immediately accessible regardless of the network coverage of your location or your cell phone’s data roaming contract . I also tested the experience from home, and loved to be able to travel from one place to another and keep learning new things on my city.

    Louis C.
  • It’s fantastic to get this 360° vision of a city ! Looking for the blinking hotspots feels like a treasure hunt. It took me a while to realize that the panoramas I was seeing weren’t actually taken by my phone’s camera : the illusion is seamless and the experience highly immersive !

    Ludovic P.
  • I really enjoy walking through cities but usually don’t like guided tours. This app was really great to stroll around at my own pace and discover fun facts as I pleased.

    Amélie S.
  • Finally an app that offers more than a traditional leaflet or GPS guide ! I love how you get immersed in your environment and can time-travel. I learned so much all while having fun !

    Nicolas B.

Archistoire lab

The Archistoire team is constantly testing ideas in different places, to create new experiences for an innovative augmented visitor guide.


Tirelessly working on innovative user experiences joining the real and the digital world, the makers of archistoire unite their skills, ranging from innovation strategies to museography and user experience to interaction design.

Toulon Office

Project Management FR, Content Creation, Design

Grégoire Chailleux


Co-Creator of the initial concept, Grégoire bravely leads the teams in its life-size experiments with Archistoire. Present on all fronts, from production to feedback, he challenges ideas, acts as a team translator and ensures a common innovative vision for the project.


Camille Laureau


Camille is especially fond of words. Insatiably curious and tireless, she hunts for the most outstanding anecdotes, gathers all available information, brings together expert knowledge to craft captivating stories to tell.


Kevin Pardo


Kevin virtually steers the users’ gaze and fingers over the interfaces. UX designer and multi-entrepreneur, ergonomy nutcase, Kevin imagines, experiments and tames the app’s features to make of it a seamless extension of our hands.


Laurent Paoletti


Some say that Laurent’s brain is composed of 0s and 1s. To him, no concept is impossible to translate to code and he develops tailor-made solutions at the speed of light to allow ideas to spark to life.


Olivier Charlois


Expert eye and Google certified photographer Olivier has a sixth sense to find the best viewpoints to shoot outstandingly realistic photospheres, always dazzling and highly immersive. He has a secret recipe to bring the best out of every location on which he sets his eyes.

Berlin Office

Project Management DE, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Development

Patrick Kochlik


Patrick co-created Archistoire, and is creative director of the project. He employs his creative talent in a research-driven, analytical design process to create entertaining and meaningful experiences.


Jens Wunderling


Interaction designer and co-creator of Archistoire, with a background in graphic and new media design. Jens aims to make people understand technology and use technology to understand the world. To make sure outcomes match his vision, he works in every phase of the process, doing research, sketching ideas, prototyping and writing code.

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